Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She Wants to Go Home, but "Nobody's Home"

Hey Everyone,
     So this song has been on my mind a lot lately and I really really love it and I think a lot of people will relate to it... at least I know I do. So this song is called "Nobody's Home" and it's by Avril Lavigne. It was the third single from her second album, "Under My Skin". The song was written by Avril and her friend at the time and ex- guitar player for Evanescence, Ben Moody. It's a really great song so let's go ahead and get into the lyrics!
     You can find them here. So this first verse is Avril talking about this girl and how she felt, but she doesn't say how this girl exactly felt because we will find that out later. But however this girl felt, she felt it every day. And it seems as though Avril tried to help her, but this girl wouldn't accept help. She just kept making the mistakes that made her feel the way she did. Then in this little pre-chorus bit, she says what people probably ask this girl all the time, "what's wrong, what's wrong now?". And this is a  statement that people who are emotionally unstable get all the time. "What's wrong?" Well the thing about that is that there very well could be nothing really wrong. But in the song her response is "too many problems".
And then we find out how this girl feels. She doesn't know where she belongs. She has run away not only from her home but from her problems. But this only created more problems for her. And she wants to go home. This isn't necessarily that she wants to go back home to her family and whatnot but digging deeper we can think about how she wants to go back to her life before things got difficult for her or before she became, as we see in the chorus, broken inside. But she knows somehow that she can't, that there is no one waiting for her, or nothing for her to return to. We don't know exactly what broke this girl, but we know she is broken. She feels unwanted and like she has nowhere to go where people will care about her. I think that's this girl's main problem. She thinks that no one cares.
The second verse here goes into more detail about what I just said. Avril is telling this girl to take a real hard look at herself and her life. And for her to think about why she has done the things she has to herself and to the people around her. This girl feels rejected by everyone and even if she wants to find her old self, what she left behind, she cannot. So then in the pre-chorus again I think it switches to this girl talking to herself and telling herself to be strong, but she thinks she can't be strong because she has too many problems. Then it goes into this little bridge part. So she hides how she really feels and she doesn't feel like the same person. She has lost whatever ambition she had because she thinks she doesn't deserve it. She has completely lost herself.
     So by now I would guess that you have all figured out that this girl has some mental disorders (my guesses are depression and some anxiety and probably abandonment/commitment issues). And what I want you to get from reading this is that you're not alone. Because someone out there has felt the exact same way that you feel right now. And it's okay to feel that way. Because trust me someone cares. It might not seem like it right now, but SOMEONE does I promise you.

Love to all,
-Autumn the Music Girl


  1. This is such an amazing post, amazing blog really, and I commend you on being able to analyze the lyrics like that, I mean I don't think that I could ever do that and that is just amazing that you can do that. You are so right about there being people that understand what this girl or any other person that might be going through the same things, I mean even if the people who understand may have not gone through the same things they will always be able to be there if that troubled person just wants to talk because that helps the most, knowing there are people who aren't necessarily therapists to talk to because, at least I believe, that that helps the most, having peers that you can go to.

  2. Autumn -- so sorry that you left Bitney. Hope that your future brings you tremendous joy. I hope you will keep blogging even though its no longer an assignment. You have something terrific going on here. Best of luck!