Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Say Tonight is the "Devil's Night"

Hey Everyone!
     So I've decided that I am also obsessing over another wonderful band- Motionless in White! The band started in 2005 and has been going strong in the metalcore world ever since. They have two EP's and two full length albums so far.
     The song that I'm going to talk about right now is "Devil's Night" and it was the first single to be released from the album "Infamous" on September 25, 2012. Well that's basically all I have to say about that, so let's go ahead and start on the lyrics!
     First of all, I just want to say that I love Motionless in White's lyrics because they have such deep meaning to them and  they are really about life and the problems in the world. This song is a prime example of that and you can look at the lyrics here. I love the second line of this song- "My life is not for sale". The whole first verse is about their music career. They first talk about the difference between them and most artists in the pop world. Lots of people in music are just doing it for the money- making pointless songs (*cough, cough*, Nicki Minaj and many others like her) with no value to them besides the fact that sex sells. But Motionless and people like them write lyrics to save lives. And a lot of people try to put them down for that- telling them that what they do isn't music. But they don't let things like that get to them. As they say in the chorus, they're "here to stay, forever and always."
Then the second verse is all about how he had to push past all his own obstacles and not let anything stand in his way to get to where he is today. But everything he has been through has made him who he is today and in the end really made him stronger. I also really like this second stanza of the verse which says "So loud, we are the ones that you pushed away for drowning your voice out. You’d like to think we've been defeated, but we’re here to stay- forever and always." I think that this is almost as powerful as the first one- if not more! It's saying that though they were once silenced for speaking about real life, they are now louder than ever and they're not just going to go away. And he continues with this- saying that he has been through a lot just like a lot of us have and that even though we are scarred and even broken by our experiences in life, that doesn't mean we are weak. And then he speaks some more words of truth about human nature- "people fear what they don't understand".
     You would think that in our modern world, people would be more accepting of what they don't understand but in all honesty, I don't know if that will ever happen. It seems to just be our nature as humans to fear what is not understood, what is different from the norm. People are actually scared of this kind of music. It's the same reason that homophobia exists and why people are scared of people who dye their hair crazy colors and have tattoos and piercings and listen to hardcore music. And they get a bad reputation- because we are different from "normal people". But now I ask you- what defines normal? Because if normal music for example is pointless and has no real substance to it then I don't want to be normal. If being a normal person is keeping up with all sorts of fashion trends in magazines and trying to look like some Barbie doll then I'll pass. I am much happier just being myself. And that won't ever change. I think that's really what this song is about- being yourself no matter what the rest of society thinks. Do what you love and don't let anyone stop you and don't give up on what is important to you. Make a difference. All of these messages can be derived from this song- and that's what I think is so great about it. It has meaning! So if the "Devil's Night" is the night where everyone decides to stop falling under the pressures of society and just be who they are, then let tonight be the "Devil's Night"!

 I hope you all like the song and take something from this.
Love to all,
-Autumn the Music Girl

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Deathbeds" Is a Love Song?

Hey Everybody!
     So, to continue with my obsession over Bring Me the Horizon, I'm going to talk about a song off of the deluxe version of "Sempiternal"- "Deathbeads". Now, "Deathbeds" doesn't exactly sound like the name of a love song, but once you look at the lyrics, there is no doubt.
     This song actually features the lead singer Oliver Sykes's girlfriend, Hannah Snowdon. I personally think that is adorable, and she actually has a really nice voice. I really think he wrote this song for her so having her sing on the track is like the ultimate tribute to their love and it's really sweet!
     Okay lyric time- click here to follow along. The first verse is one that really stands out to me. The comparisons he uses are so unusual but so absolutely beautiful it's amazing. I mean, when was the last time you saw "eyes like a car crash" as a compliment... or even heard those words for that matter? But the second line goes on to explain what he means so beautifully- "I know I shouldn't look but I can't turn away". Have you ever had that feeling? Maybe when you really feel something for someone who's already taken or when you know someone's bad for you but you can't help but feel drawn to them? That's what he's conveying here. The feeling of having someone in your heart but not being able to have them in your arms. It's excruciating but you love that person so much that you just don't care about the pain. You hold onto hope because it's all you have. He expresses that no matter what he does he will never stop feeling the way he does about her. So he watches her... loves her from a distance. Then we find out that there was a time when they shared one kiss. A single kiss is all it takes sometimes though. And before he knew it he was in love. His heart was in her hands. I love the image he then shares of him being like a deer in the headlights. It shows that he's scared. Scared she doesn't feel the same way he does, scared she'll find someone better than him, but all he can do is sit and wait and let fate decide what will happen. You can't fight fate. If it's meant to be, then it will be. If you try to take matters into your own hands you'll just screw things up. But he ends the chorus letting her know that he will always be there for her, waiting for something that might not ever happen. Even when he dies his heart will belong to her.
I think that this song shows a lot of what true love really is. It's dedication to another person. It's knowing them- their fears, their insecurities, their secrets. Seeing their flaws and not judging them. Loving them with all your heart no matter what- even if they don't love you back. It's when you can truly be yourself with someone and not be embarrassed. And I think that this song really shows you that (as much as I would love to be in her place...) Oli and Hannah have found that love- they belong together. And it's really beautiful.

 Don't worry, you'll find it too. You'll find the person who will keep your heart even after you die... the person who the tides of life will always bring you back to... the one with the eyes like a car crash and body like a whiplash. And then you, too will have true love. So don't lose hope, my friend.

Love to all,
-Autumn the Music Girl

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Can You Tell From the Look In Our Eyes?"

Hey Everybody!
     Since I'm so obsessed with Bring Me The Horizon I decided to write about their awesome song, "Shadow Moses"! "Shadow Moses" is the sixth track on the album "Sempiternal" and the first single to be released from the album. It was released on January 4, 2013 on BBC Radio 1. It was released on iTunes on January 14th. This is currently one of my favorite songs on this album, but this album is really good so that's saying a lot.
     So, as always, you can find the lyrics here. I always think that lyrics from hardcore bands are really deep- more so than pop songs. The first couple of verses sound like he is talking about a relationship that was never really a relationship ("what's dead can never die"). He thought he was over this girl but he realizes he still has feelings for her. Then in the rest of the song it seems like the focus changes a bit to being more about society and the way we live. I think in the first lines of the chorus, "Can you tell from the look in our eyes? We're going nowhere." that he is saying we are all already a little dead inside just from the struggles of life. And though we all try to run from it, none of us get out alive. But at the same time it feels like death is so far away and like it will never come to us but the truth is that it could be at any moment. That's why we "live our lives like we're ready to die" because truthfully, we could be dead within the next minute.
     The music video for this song is really cool. It's mostly just images of the band playing this song in the snow and with flares and a girl walking alone in the snow and the band playing in front of the ocean on a beach. There's a lot of cool camera work for it, though. Enjoy!

     So I guess my message here is live life and don't fear death because it's inevitable!
Love to all,
-Autumn the Music Girl