Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Your Eyes Lay Lost In All The "City Lights"

Hey People,
     Well I think it's safe to say that I am definitely in a phase of being obsessed with Motionless In White, Bring Me The Horizon and Pierce the Veil. So this week it's Motionless. This song is off of their "Creatures" album although the song was originally released under the title "Bananamontana" on the album "When Love Met Destruction". Then they changed the lyrics a tiny bit along with the title and re-released it on "Creatures". 
     Chris has commented on this song, saying:
This is a song we recorded for an album which never officially got released. It was titled Banamontana. The songs, however, did leak online and this is one that I never expected people to like. But they did. Some friends who aren't fans of our music actually told me they love this song, which was crazy to me because I wasn't such a huge fan of it. We then found out over the years that a lot of people really like the Bananamontana version, so we re-recorded it to be an "official” version. 
     Well I think it's time to look at the lyrics. You can find them here as usual. So here's how I see this song, you have to start with some background. I think he found a girl he was really in love with and she suffered from very very severe depression. It affected him a lot and made him depressed but he still loved her and wanted her to be better but eventually she left him. So now he is alone and he is even more depressed because of it. In the first line he is saying that he is jealous of all the people in the city that go out at night and get to see this girl who is acting happy in that time. She goes out and parties and he's just keeping himself holed up in his house and he doesn't even know what to do without her. She became like a part of him and so nothing else seems to matter anymore. That's why "outside it looks like rain". He feels so hopeless that he wants to just end it all. And he knows that there is nothing he can do to help her, that she has to figure things out on her own. But that doesn't mean he doesn't want to try. And I think that even as much as she has hurt herself and him, that he still loves her and still thinks that she is beautiful even though she is lost in herself and her own pain.
Then he talks about himself a little bit... He decides he is going to end his life by candlelight so he can see some beauty before he goes and compares the wax dripping down the melting candle to his own blood dripping from his skin. Then he goes and he talks about their relationship how he had once thought it was romantic and how he then thought once she left that romance does not exist anymore and that there is only lust in this world. This line makes me think that perhaps she cheated on him. He makes the statement "You are the water in my lungs" and I think that really conveys his feelings- he is drowning in this girl. She (even while gone) is suffocating him. She is what is killing him. They have lost everything between them and maybe they've both even gone a little crazy... but the worst part is that they're alone now.
     Well I think my message here are these two things: nothing lasts forever and no one is worth killing yourself over. You have to know that every relationship has one of two outcomes- you either break up or get married. And even when you do get married there is still the possibility of breaking up and even if you don't, death is an inevitability. And then also realize that there is someone out there for everyone, so don't give up the possibility of a future even brighter than your present just because of one person. Life is an unending roller coaster and there will always be ups and downs, so just because you're in a down, don't give up on the fact that an up will come soon.
Love to all,
-Autumn the Music Girl

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Caraphernelia", A Broken Heart Disease

Hey Everyone,
     I can't believe I haven't talked about Pierce the Veil yet! Pierce the Veil is an American Post-Hardcore band that was formed by Mike and Vic Fuentes in San Diego, California. They have three albums and this song, "Caraphernelia" is from their second album, "Selfish Machines".
     About this song, Vic Fuentes has said:
"I've always been obsessed with happy songs that have morbid lyrics. Lyrically, this song is one of the darkest I've ever written. It's about being obsessed with someone to the point where you're hurting yourself. A lot of it is written almost like a suicide note meant to be found by the one you love. It's completely crazy and extreme, but it's also comforting to say out loud the things you're thinking sometimes."
     I think that it's time now to do the lyric analysis! Click here to go to the lyrics. So I think this song starts off when he is first deciding to let this girl go after she broke his heart. He sees her again and maybe she's trying to make him feel bad for breaking up with her but he tells her that he's over her and nothing she does or says will affect him anymore. But this isn't really true. It's just what he tells himself. But he has been really hurt by her, which is obvious by the line "Licking your fingers like you're done and you've decided there is so much more than me". But he can't help having feelings for her, so much it makes him shake. The line about the gun makes me think that he wants to kill himself because he doesn't want to deal with this anymore and the line about his heart says that no matter what he tells himself or anyone else, this girl is still his only reason to live.
With the chorus he's saying that he wants to forget about her and move on but he doesn't believe that he can even though  it hurts him. She will remain in his life forever even if it hurts and he doesn't want her to. And even if they did fix things, it would never be the same, so why bother? Then he goes on to sort of describe her characteristics- she's heartless and selfish. Then he compares her to an animal, killing her prey (which are men). She just gobbles up men and moves on. Perhaps even in this relationship he had really treated her well and given her lots of gifts, including a necklace, and she never appreciated them and now he is taking them back. The last line of this verse makes us think that this girl was a huge part of his life and that he had even talked to his mom about her and that maybe he was going to propose. Then he repeats his feelings in the chorus and in this little bridge part he is talking to her new boyfriend after seeing them together and he is begging to him to just give her back and that she is like a drug to him since he can't afford medication so she is the only thing that "fixes" him. The line about "collide invisible lips like a shadow on the wall" suggests that he wants to kiss her again even if it's in secret.
But she completely rejects him and he is heartbroken, thinking to himself "You can't just throw me away". Then it's like he has had enough time to think about how awfully she treated him and he decides that he is finally ready to let go of her and he doesn't even want to try anymore and he can learn to be okay by himself.
so I guess my message here is that in this situation, I hope you come to the same conclusion as he did in this song. When someone isn't treating you well, no matter how hard it may be at first, you have to let go. You WILL be okay. In fact, you'll be better off! So just... let go.
Love to all,
-Autumn the Music Girl

Monday, December 2, 2013

This is My "Winter Song"

Hey Everyone,
          Since it's been so wintry out I thought I would write about this beautiful song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson called "Winter Song". I absolutely love this song and actually am singing it at a performance on December 19th and may even make this my first cover on YouTube which I'll be hopefully starting soon.
     So as usual you can find the lyrics here. So as you can see it starts off with a bunch of "bum"s and I think that is basically setting the sort of "heartbeat" for the song. The first stanza of the first verse is really about that second line, "The storm is coming soon". And since this song is about a relationship, I assume that means she can tell that something bad is going to happen soon. She can feel it coming. In the second stanza she talks about how she hopes she can get him back. she hopes she can just talk to him and things will be okay and he will come back to her instead of leaving. And then she wonders if their love is still alive. Then she goes on to talk (as if she is talking to him) about what other people have told her. She tells him that they (her friends and family and such) have all told her that they are too far gone and that there is no way to fix them. But she still asks herself if there is something there.
And then comes the part where she realizes that everyone else is right. And things have gone cold between them and everything feels wrong now that he really is gone. But then she feels that heartbeat again and she starts to have hope. She reaches out to him hoping to get a response and she does but things aren't the same. It's still winter in their relationship. But she hopes that her love will be enough to bring him back. But in the end she is still constantly questioning... "Is love alive?"
     I think this is a rather profound song. It has a much deeper meaning than most people think, at least.
 I take a few things from this song- first, I think that if you feel a storm coming you need to be proactive. Talk to the person and if you can tell that there is no saving things, then as hard as it may be, get out. Second, it's okay to have hope but don't be tied down by it. I think everyone who is left always has hope that the person will come back. But it's not something you should hold on to forever. At some point you have to accept that they don't want you in their life, but you know what? It's their loss. And third, I think if you are wondering whether or not there is anything between you and another person, you should really ask yourself if you have feelings and most likely you don't. I find that if you are questioning something about how you feel, the answer is most often negative. But once you discover that, you're free. And you no longer have to question and feel like you're walking on eggshells.
     So free yourself... before you're trapped in winter forever.
Love to all,
-Autumn the Music Girl