Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Isn't Someone "Missing" Me?

Hey Everybody,
     So this is kind of depressing, but we sometimes have to talk about depressing things because it is a part of life. This week I'm going to talk about the song "Missing" by Evanescence. This was released to radio as  a single in 2004 though it was originally recorded in 2001-02, and originally released with "Bring Me to Life" on the commercial single but only in Australia and then it was included on the album "Anywhere But Home". Now the lead singer, Amy Lee, has voiced what this song's meaning is to her, saying:
"As far as if she got it right, I would say you always get it right. When it comes to music and art it’s always about how each individual interprets it. Some of our songs are self reflective but some of them are also story telling. For me that song was all about running away, but its poetry so please do take from it what you can."
but since this song is open to interpretation, I'm going to interpret it.
      So look at the lyrics here. I guess it makes sense for this song to be about running away but to me it screams "suicide". It tells the story of a girl whose home life is pretty awful. Maybe she tries running away but is always brought back home. Her parents are either drunk or on drugs all the time and they don't take care of her or pay any attention to her and she just feels totally abandoned. The way the song is written it seems as though she is telling her story from beyond the grave- as though she has just ended her life and her parents haven't even noticed yet. And she wonders if maybe someday someone will miss her and realize what they are missing in their lives without her.She feels like they won't though- she is so depressed and hopeless and feels so rejected by the people who are supposed to love her that she thinks she is worthless and no one will miss her. And in the chorus she talks about her own sacrifice and how all she wanted was to know that she was loved, but she never ended up feeling that way. And in the second verse it repeats a lot but it also brings up this idea that who this song is talking about is some kind of self-medicated person. This means that they probably have some sort of trauma in their life and they don't know how to deal with it so in order to cope they turn to things like drugs or alcohol or even self harm. And she feels like she is lost and no matter how much she is hurting no one hears her and no one notices. And so she spent years perhaps harming herself because she too didn't know how to deal with feeling so abandoned and finally she ended her life, going to sleep for the last time and waking with no one, hence the last little verse.
So as you can see this song is really dark. And as sad as it is, I just want to say that suicide is never the answer. Even when you are in your darkest moments and you see no hope try to think of one thing to look forward to and if you can, there's still hope. It doesn't have to be big it just has to be something. Believe me, I have been in that place. Even when it seems like it will never get better, it will, I promise. If you have problems with your parents, know that it won't last forever because someday you won't have to live there anymore. If you have problems in a relationship and can't end it, believe in  your own strength because you are strong. Nothing lasts forever and eventually whatever situation is causing you to have these thoughts will end and things will get better. And know that your life is worth more than whatever person or thing is making you want to end it. Everyone is unique and you will accomplish greatness. When someone is telling you (directly or indirectly) that you're worthless, you just need to shut them out because those are lies specifically designed to destroy you, so don't let them! Let it make you stronger and even more determined to prove them wrong. Because you're a star and you WILL prove them wrong.
So have hope and don't give up just yet. And know that you are not alone- because so many people have been exactly where you are and we have made it through. So will you. The storm will pass and the sun will come out, I promise.

Love to you all,
-Autumn the Music Girl

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  1. I like that you took a rather dark song and used it as a platform for a positive message. Great post!