Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Don't Know About You...But I'm Feeling "22"

Hey Everyone
     So my positive mood is back, sorry for the depressing post last week! I mean, I'm going to do depressing stuff sometimes, but for right now, I'm trying to stay positive. And currently, (along with die Young) this song is my upbeat, positive jam. And it's Taylor Swift's new confirmed single! It's off of the album "Red" and it's called "22". Another song about living life and having fun, and it has some good messages for even those of us who aren't 22.
     Lyric analysis time! Okay so click here as per usual. (Do any of you actually do this?) And follow along! So there isn't really a deep meaning to this song, it's more just about having fun! For instance, making fun of your exes with your friends? Just a  fun thing to do on a "perfect night"! I love the pre-chorus part here about being "happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. It's miserable and magical..." I think that is so true about youth in general. We're happy most of the time (except when we're not, but we really should be), free because of the freedoms of youth and the little responsibility we really do have. A lot of us probably feel like we have so much responsibilities with school and work (for some) or homework or chores, but truthfully there is so much more as you get older.Confused- aren't we all? I mean, we change our minds and our feelings constantly and we're pretty much running in the dark but that's the thing- we keep running. We dive into life headfirst and don't stop to think and it can be confusing but it's a ride and we all go for it! And as for lonely? We all get lonely sometimes (especially those of us living the single life) but that's just a part of life, and sometimes that's not so bad. It's "miserable and magical".

     The chorus is really just awesome. I cannot describe it any other way. Once again, it's about letting go. The last line of the first pre-chorus says this- it's time. Time to let go and just sit back, and enjoy the ride. And I think part of this is about friendship- specifically the line "everything will be all right if you keep me next to you". Friends have to stick together and everything will be all right. Verse two is kind of self-explanatory but I love the last line of it. "And end up dreaming instead of sleeping". This is possibly one of the greatest experiences in life- to dream with your eyes wide open. To feel like you're "living the dream." And truthfully, it's easily achieved. Just do something you're passionate about, something that is your dream- follow it wherever it goes. And enjoy it with all of your heart. And then you will find yourself dreaming instead of sleeping. Another great line in the second pre-chorus is "Tonight's the night that we forget about the heartbreaks". I find that spending time with friends, having fun, and focusing on yourself and what YOU want to do is the best way to forget about heartbreak. Trust me, it works. And trust Taylor, too!  And the bridge- the last two lines here are so typical girl. Don't we all just love those bad boys? You gotta have 'em. And when you're out having fun and just messing around, I think that's okay. But a piece of advice here- protect your heart. And know that no true bad boy will change and be good for you.

     Well, I kind of feel like I put most of my good advice in my lyric analysis, but I can restate them here, right? Let go, let loose, live your dreams. That's basically it. And protect your heart. Because nobody can change who they are for you and you can't expect them to- but DON"T change yourself for anyone else either because they can't expect you to! But most of all, have fun and enjoy life. Don't take it too seriously and don't try to grow up too fast. Just enjoy being 22...or 16...or whatever age you are! Enjoy your youth. Because you only get to live today one time, so make it count.
Make It Count Everyone,
-Autumn  the Music Girl

P.S. I just found this music video a few days's new! Enjoy listening!

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  1. Fantastic post (yet again), Autumn. I may not like this music (particularly), but I love your writing about it.