Thursday, February 28, 2013

"This World's Yours for the Taking"

Hello again, Everybody!
     So this is my first official post on my new blog. How exciting!? Anyway, I am going to talk about the newest single from one of my favorite bands that I am currently obsessing over, Asking Alexandria. The single, as you can see, is called "Run Free".
     Asking Alexandria is a British metalcore band that formed in 2008. They're simply amazing and I love them! I'll go into further detail about the band itself in another post sometime. Right now I just want to talk about "Run Free". It is going to be on their third album which is scheduled for release this year (SO excited!).  "Run Free" was first announced on their facebook page on August 13th of last year as a free new single as a promotion with Axe. A video that played the single on YouTube was released by Sumerian Records in November of last year. I don't know why it took so long, though.
     As for the inspiration for the song, it was when Danny (the lead vocalist, for those who don't know) was in a relationship. It was shocking- he was happy! That's why the song is rather uplifting for the band. Usually their songs are a bit...darker. But it's actually a really cool song. In a Fuse interview, Danny said regarding the song, "I was all happy for a little bit because I tried to do a relationship. It worked for three weeks, then it went to sh-t and the rest of the album is all pissed off"
In fact, I'm going to put the video here because it's actually really funny.
     Now for the lyrics themselves which you can find here, it's actually a kind of inspiring song. It's all about just living life free and wild and just having fun! I mean, that's all we really want to do isn't it? Don't we all just want to have fun and just lose ourselves for a moment? The world we live in is so fast paced and full of so many responsibilities. I'm not saying we shouldn't take care of those responsibilities, I just think that maybe there are times when we need to just take a break from all of it and let loose for a while. As they say in the song, "Know that you went in the end without a single
regret! That you lived and loved and laughed and cried and followed your dreams!" And I think that's a beautiful way to live- with no regrets. We all make mistakes but in the end something good always comes out of it. So why should we be afraid to make mistakes?
     "This world's yours for the taking" so go out there and take it by storm! Don't be afraid to make a difference, make mistakes, and make something amazing out of life. Listen to this song, listen to its words, and listen to your heart.

Much Love,
-Autumn the Music Girl


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